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Missing Him




Brion - OpenReach.jpg

Remembering Brion

In memory of Brion,

the utmost husband and life partner, stepfather, grandfather, brother, cousin,

wise Yoda friend, colleague, and manager.


Born in Philadelphia

June 10, 1947

Born in Philadelphia and orphaned at a young age, he was the son of Bill and Katsuko Shimamoto, who adopted him when he was 11.


After graduating from UCLA in 1969, he first worked for AeroJet, writing ICBM-tracking software for a spy satellite. He went on to a storied and accomplished career at IBM, including IBM Research, where he managed a group of researchers on the Micro/370 project, a single-chip microprocessor now at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.  He went on to work as VP of Technical Development at Digital Domain, and was part of the technical expertise behind computer-generated imagery in film before this became mainstream. His later employers include AT&T and OpenReach, now part of Oracle.


Throughout his many roles, he demonstrated not only his quiet, thoughtful wisdom and his refreshing perspective on life, work, and office politics, but also his unique impish sense of humor and subtle pranks within his trusted circle. Before retiring in 2015, he ran a computer business for hundreds of individuals, families, and small businesses as the “Computer Guy” in and around Greenwich.

He had many passions during his life, and they tended to be all-encompassing at the time he committed to them, because that was the only way he really did things. In his younger life these included high school drumming, scuba diving, and railing against his well-meaning parents when they wanted to take him to travel anywhere. Later, sailing (his Herreshoff sailboats Ducky and later Belle docked at Tod’s Point), long-distance road bicycling (and meticulously caring for the gear), various quirky diets (not usually for weight loss) and most importantly, classic automobiles.


He bought an original 1990 red Miata and transformed it into his own beautifully customized sports car. A 1957 MGA which he had bought in college, sold and rebought from his longtime friend, Nick, in California became a project to completely restore and renew with the assistance of Automotive Restorations in Stratford, CT. This vehicle brought him so much of his brand of subdued joy (and multiple Concours awards!). 


After being diagnosed with Parkinsons, he became a fighter for this cause too, and was a valued member of Rock Steady Boxing. His colleagues there honor and remember him – he touched so many of them with his wit, commitment and hard work in the face of adversity.

He was the voice of reason especially when you thought he was being unreasonable.

He was everything you might want to be when you grew up, even if you were older.

He was seriously funny.

He did not believe perfect could be approached asymptoticly.

He was the perfect project partner at point, wing man, or rear guard.


We love you, Brion, and will miss you.

Rest in peace, knowing how much you have changed our lives.

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