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Family, Friends and Colleagues Share Memories of Brion

Brion at Greenwich Concours

Brion loved his MG and that is how we met him many years ago… he came for his love of vintage cars and became a friend… he also had amazing patience… our IT needs would be challenged and overcome by Brion… truly a professional and genius at his trade. We will miss his smile, his (a trademark accessory!) suspenders and his kind heart. Frank, Santo & Venera Spadaro Domenick’s European Car Repair, White Plains

Brion & WJ v2- Christmas 2019

GpaB was a really good man and grandpa. I only knew him for 12 years, but this was plenty of time to realize this. He always put others before himself, despite having one of the worst childhoods you could think of. He loved cars, and got some beautiful cars.He had great taste in cars. He would always let us drive in them, even if he couldn’t. - Kind - Compassionate - Wise - Sympathetic - Helpful - Gentle - Caring - Patient - Selfless - Thoughtful Love, Wheeler More..

Brion Bag contents

Brion and I would often go out on joint computer calls. Whenever he installed a new piece of equipment, such as a router, he would put a little yellow string tab on each cable and mark it in his clear handwriting for what it was for: power, cable, speaker etc. Years after he retired and I was calling on one of his old customers, there were the Brion yellow tags on the back of everything. It always made me smile and remember him. Read More ... Marty Roth

Brion's TR-4

Brion and I were friends. We met in the 7th grade. I remember being impressed with the precise way he spoke and thoughtfulness he gave to everything he said. I remember talking to him about the science of chemistry… a subject I thought I knew something about. Brion invited me over to his house to see his chemistry set. It was nothing like my chemistry set that could fit in a shoe box. Brion had an organized laboratory of chemicals and equipment ... Read More ... Bill Kerry

u370 Chip

I worked with Brion from the day I arrived at IBM Research. I very much enjoyed working with him both at IBM and for George Gilder. His perspective was refreshingly original, including his impish sense of humor and it took me a while to adapt. I am grateful that I met him and had the opportunity to work with and learn from him. I became a better writer and perhaps a better thinker as a result of working with him. Years ago I wrote some notes on working with him. Read More ... Nick

From Oakley v2

We love you, GPA B Love, Oakley 2021 More ...

Bob&Brion MGA 2017

Happy Day - June 30, 2017 • Brion was the voice of reason especially when you thought he was being unreasonable. • I loved Brion because he was everything I wanted to be when I grew up even though I was older. • Brion was seriously funny • Brion did not believe perfect was approached asymptoticly • Brion was the perfect project partner at point, wing man, or rear guard. • As our best man, Brion only switched the rings once during the ceremony! Read More ... Bob Lucas

Brion & Bonnie Sailing 1982

This is how I, Bonnie will always remember my brother, Brion: Brion taking his sister out on his beloved sailboat that day in September of 1982, Brion steered his boat smoothly though the water. Both of us healthy, happy, strong and taking in the perfect day at sea. Will miss you dearly, Bro... Read More ... Barbara (Bonnie) Komoto

u370 Shirt + Pennant + Nerd Pack

Brion was the best colleague. I worked for him at IBM first on the Micro/370 project. He relied on his people to get the job done. Instead of meddling in our work, he spent his time dealing with outside forces. He shielded us from the interference of the management chain and others that wished to "contribute" to our project, especially those in IBM Research that valued highly their own ideas. He classified the project documents "IBM External Use Only." Read More ... Dick Hadsell

Aimee & Brion 1

When Dave and I were planning our wedding in 2007, I asked Brion to read a passage I had selected about marriage. Looking back at it now, and remembering the catch in his voice when he read it at the ceremony, I think it might be just as applicable to his role as stepfather to my sister and me growing up, and the deep love he felt for my mother which guided that choice. Like anything he did, this commitment ... Read More ... Aimee

Bruce & Brion #1_edited

Of the many memories of Brion’s “impish sense of humor” were his responses to the superficiality of the environment in which we worked at IBM Research as members of the Micro/370 Project. Attached is a letter which says it all: it’s appearances that count here, not substance. And note that the tie was singled out as “Chosen by Brion Shimamoto.” Read More ... Bruce Gavril

Brion + MGA 111315

We enjoy our memories of Brion driving his sparkling green sports car, top down and the wind at his face. He seemed mesmerized with the pleasure of it, with not a care in the world. He loved his cars! We will miss you "Computer Guy". Roseann & Neil

brion & Jackie Dance

Brion was always a bit of a perplexing character to me – a hard nut to crack, and he was my Dad! He often weighed simplicity and practicality over all else but he himself was a pretty complex human being - not full of contradictions, but full of surprises. Brion was different in manner than anyone I have ever met - quiet, poignant, & always gentle in his approach. He cared more to listen and ask questions than he did talking. Questions like “why would you want to do that?” Read More... Jackie

u370 in Scientific American v2

Brion was a huge influence in my life and I will miss him. Even though I started working at IBM Endicott, I was immediately assigned to work on the Micro/370 project at TJ Watson and Brion became my first real manager. I will always remember the care and patience he took to teach me the ropes, and ever since then I have measured all my subsequent managers against the high bar Brion set (perhaps unfairly to them!). Read More ... Joe Higham

Brion's Garage

time and time again I walked up the steep driveway of 343 riverside ave to be greeted by a smiling Brion who softly said hello from his sanctuary the garage in his daily uniform of jeans, suspenders and a tee he was usually polishing tools working on his cherished car or organizing said tools the garage, tools and car always immaculate often people look after their cherished belongings but do not enjoy them Brion did both Jenna Leamy

u370 logo v2

My name is John Hou and I met Brion 40 years ago at IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center. I was a young circuit design engineer, fresh out of college, and Brion became my manager when I joined the Micro/370 team in the Computer Science department. Brion was a great mentor, a good listener and friend, and the best person I have ever worked for in my career. He was a kind and caring person. Read More ... John Hou

Waimea Selfie_hq

When I think about Brion I think about how when I met him for the first time he somehow could bridge the world between warmth and welcoming, while saying very little at the same time. I also think about the sitting at the dinner table with him and telling him about what I'm doing or what is going on with my job or life and his incredibly quiet and precise questions that he would ask that still have me thinking about what my answer is or should be. Read More ... Stephan

Automotive Restorations Crew

The book he had made for the MGA still sits in my office. We all have such fond memories of his visits. Glad to hear he was able to get out for a ride, and that you are all able to enjoy it moving forward. Brian Oliver & Crew at Automotive Restorations

SoCal Jacket from Dad S

Brion knew his dad loved automobiles, when he came to visit his parents from Connecticut, he woke dad up at 5 am every Saturdays to take his dad to an auto show at Beach Boulevard and Constantine Drive in Huntington Beach to meet old timers, eat donuts, and drink cups of joe. Brion knew that it was useless to include me as I needed my beauty sleep. People all over Southern California would display their prized cars at this site and talk about their old cars. Read More ... Mark Komoto

Brion OpenReach

I met Brion at AT&T around 1995. I found him interesting and insightful right from the beginning. At Christmas of 1999, Brion and I hadn’t spoken for a while but he called me to convince me to go work at OpenReach. I told him that I wasn’t sure about it since I figured I’d be left figuring it out after the principals had left. Brion told me that he wouldn’t leave until I did. At the time I didn’t think much of that. ... Read More Sam Bendinelli

Boxer Brion_edited

Brion aka The Force (his boxing name) Brion was always early for class donned in all black. He was undoubtedly hard working and had a great sense of humor. In the beginning of each class I always ask a question that all boxers answer. “If you could be any animal, what would it be?” And Brion’s answer was a koala. This was so funny to me. It was so fitting! When a person chooses a great fit like that, it tells me that they have a great understanding of themselves. Read More ... Toni Mafes

Larry + Brion - Circa 1969

I’m Larry Tsuchiya, the patriarch of the band of cousins. I’m reaching way back to test the accuracy portion of my temporal lobe of the brain. I first met Brion 63 years ago when he became a member of the Shimamoto tribe. My recollection of Brion was of someone very reserved and shy. As we became more familiar and comfortable with each other, our friendship flourished, and we became buddies. I remember having many conversations sitting in an orchard of orange trees ... Read More ... Larry

computer guy ad

I was one of those people who bought my first computer late in life. I needed someone to set it up and teach me a thing or two and saw Brion's ad for "The Computer Guy" in the GREENWICH TIME. I thought it was very clever. He responded to my call immediately and over many years he came to my rescue whenever I had a problem or wanted to learn something new. I can still see his car parked in the driveway. Read More ... Marge, Bob, and Rob Berwick

1950s garage

I have been a close personal friend with the Shimamoto family since the mid 1950s. So I have known Brion for many years and I have so many memories, too many to tell. So may I say Brion, you will always be in my heart and may God Bless you and all your family. Love and God Bless. Al Clapp

Mirei + Brion 2014

I never knew Brion as a child. I wondered if I was even on his radar. I get it, though. I just couldn’t picture him in my world of make-believe, playing games with and on each other, my hyper excitability, and incessant talking — not a place for Brion. And yet, the photos were living proof year after year that we cousins were always together. Over the years we continued with our family gatherings. Since we all came from far and near, we especially looked forward ... Read More ... Mirei

Brion Business card v2

Brion was a trusted person who came to our house several times to "clean up" our hard drives and I always found him to be a kind, gentle and unassuming person who was doing us all a favor by giving us his expertise in computer technology. Once we got into a conversation about his background and I could tell he was so intelligent with many accomplishments under his belt. I can also imagine that he was a wonderful father and business partner...reliable and caring with a great wit. Debbie Lang

Punch Card

My sincere sympathy, Donna and Bonnie. It was an honor to know a young wizard in the computer world of punch cards to help change into hand held computers. May God be with you both, bless you. Vic Hirose

Brion Valley #1

Brion and I met almost 30 years ago in Columbia, SC at an NCR engineering and manufacturing plant. NCR, had been acquired by AT&T and for some inexplicable reason Brion, from AT&T was assigned to my engineering team ( approx. 300 engineers doing software & hardware development and integration ). Brion gained acceptance because of his quiet demeanor and extraordinary technical competence. Read More ... Mike Gerhold

Left Center Right

Growing up, I was the youngest of all the cousins. One Christmas at Brion’s house when I was around 5, after a rousing game of cat and mouse with Uncle Ben being the cat, I pooped out and went looking for a place of refuge to take a nap. Both Bon and Auntie Katsuko’s bedrooms were occupied, so I dared to open the forbidden door that was always closed…the door to Brion’s bedroom. Read More ... Mayumi

Shower Parents_edited

It was such an honor to have known Brion and have had glimpses into his quiet, thoughtful wisdom. Over the years we have seen how much Jackie loved and admired him. I'm glad that Poppy and Harlow had BB and that they could brighten his days. Love, Robin and Gene

Elderly crossing

At Aerojet -, circa 197x, Brion, Bob Lucas, Kevin Savage, and I bonded in a way I have never experienced since. We had a passion to build the best possible satellite system. Brion, in addition, was out to build not only the best, but also a perfect system. He would often re-code programs written by others, myself included, making them more accurate and aesthetically pleasing. Read More ... Ed Harris

Jackie & Brion

When I think of Brion I see him smiling. I didn't see him on too many occasions but I do remember him at Jackie's wedding. He was beaming with pride and was the most cordial of hosts. I admired his and Donna's relationship. They seemed made for each other and appeared to make each other very happy. I saw him as a very kind, intelligent and humble human being. I know he will be missed dearly. Sincerely, Sue Kostur

Brion + Mirei 2008-12-25_XmasParty 047

My name is Takumi Kagawa. I did not grow up with Brion. My wife, Mirei, is Brion’s cousin and I met him at their annual family Christmas Parties. We often went to Brion’s Mom’s house to visit, since he had a finite time in Los Angeles. It’s a long way from his home in Connecticut. So, I was an “outsider” getting to know all of Mirei’s family members. One of them was Mirei’s cousin, Brion. As it turns out, I found out that I’m a year younger than Brion ... Read More ... Tak Kagawa

Christmas 1995

Happy family times! Denise & David Edward & Lauren Carolyn & Eric Christopher & Noren

Brion & Donna #2_edited

Whenever I saw Brion or family photos, he was always smiling. I remember the beautiful bridal shower at your house and Brion was a happy host. I remember getting an up close and personal look at his treasured automobile, carefully secured in your garage. I remember your Christmas cards, a very happy Brion with his lovely family, growing every year with sons-in-law and eventually grandchildren. You surrounded Brion with love and he surrounded you with his powerful smile. Love & Prayers, Paulette

Dave & Brion

I met Brion about 20 years ago. I was dating his eldest stepdaughter Aimee at the time and had the privilege of being introduced to him at his home in Riverside. My first impressions were probably like many others. I was greeted with a handshake and a smile. Brion was quiet, not outspoken, but always engaged. He always made eye contact when asking me straightforward questions. And he listened to my responses. He never interrupted me or anyone for that matter. And he often... Read More ... Dave

Brion speaks at Aimee's wedding

I cannot think about high school and not think about Brion. I always remember being so impressed that he was so present. He set the bar for what I came to expect of step parents (not that I knew at the time I would ever have them). He proved that it could be a good relationship and not necessarily what we saw portrayed on tv or such. Beth


I don't remember when I first met Brion. But I DO remember being at their wedding in 1989 down in New Haven, with them standing, I think, in front of a fireplace. They seemed very much in love!! Brion was very tolerant over the years, when I would show up at their house in Riverside for a "sleepover" when I started working in Westport. We usually shared Chinese food together and then Donna and I would catch up on our lives, over a bottle of wine, while Brion ... Read More ... Susan Bachman

DD&BB Thanksgiving #1

I never had the opportunity to meet Brion, but I always knew was a wonderful person because he was loved so much by Donna and her girls. I am so sorry that they had such a struggle at the end, and I wish I could have come to help. They both wanted more time. I am sorry for the loss all of you are experiencing. Mary Jo Baryza

The Last Open Road

Brion was such a unique and genuinely kind man; I feel so grateful that I had the chance to spend a few days with him when I was young and going through profound changes in my life, and you had both had the kindness to help me out. He had quite an effect on me, as someone who is also introverted yet social, and who is also constantly asking where the manual is for things that happen in life. His presence was so warm, insightful and penetrating at the same time. Read More ... Phap Luu

Sea Fever
Donna 08142008

Dear, Dear Brion, While others have called you a kind and gentle soul, you have always been the most mentally tough man I’ve ever known … the pinnacle of strength for me … my Rock and my Anchor. You are so resolute, intense, definite and focused on the people and things you care about ... I’ve always admired your unwavering determination. Read More ... Donna

Brion - OpenReach
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