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I was one of those people who bought my first computer late in life.  I needed someone to set it up and teach me a thing or two and saw Brion's ad for "The Computer Guy" in the GREENWICH TIME.  I thought it was very clever.  He responded to my call immediately and over many years he came to my rescue whenever I had a problem or wanted to learn something new.


I can still see his car parked in the driveway. He would arrive with his briefcase in hand and a big smile.  What I remember most is his calm demeanor and his patience.  I had a snack bar next to the computer in my dining room and he always chose to munch on the peanut butter pretzel nuggets.  He would mention his wife, Donna, his daughters and grandchildren, the renovations on his house and towards the beginning  of retirement his trips to CA to visit his elderly parents. By the time he left, our computer problems were solved and I was a happy camper until the next time...I used to call him a Genius and he would just smile and go on to the next client.


We are very saddened by his passing and feel fortunate that he was a part of our lives.


Marge, Bob, and Rob Berwick

Greenwich, CT

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