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Brion – David Smidt

I met Brion about 20 years ago. I was dating his eldest stepdaughter Aimee at the time and had the privilege of being introduced to him at his home in Riverside. My first impressions were probably like many others. I was greeted with a handshake and a smile. Brion was quiet, not outspoken, but always engaged. He always made eye contact when asking me straightforward questions. And he listened to my responses. He never interrupted me or anyone for that matter. And he often had amusing stories of his own to go along with the conversation. Those were the best because you would get to hear his wonderful laugh.



Aimee and I would visit Brion and Donna with our young children as often as we could. It was a privilege to see him interact with them. There was very little difference from his interactions with adults. Brion was fully present and always engaged. He spoke to them in that same quite tone. He was patient and understanding. And he listened. He would follow them around the house, playing games and chatting with them about who knows what, but he never lost his focus on them. Children know when they are the center of someone’s world.


A Man, a Can, a Plan

Brion did not like to cook or even order food for that matter. Like his attire, he wanted to keep it simple. In one of our conversations, he mentioned receiving a cookbook, I can’t remember who he said gave it to him, but it was titled; “A Man, A Can, A Plan”. I don’t believe he ever opened it. Also, I think most people thought he was limited in the items he liked to eat. This was not the case. Our family and Jackie’s family loved to cook, and it was always a surprise to find out he liked Salmon or some other dish we prepared. I think he just found it too tedious to request it


I am sad for the loss and to no longer have Brion in my life, but my life is greater because he was part of it. I miss Brion greatly.


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