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Early Days
Brion - Harris Party.jpg

At Aerojet -, circa 197x, Brion, Bob Lucas, Kevin Savage,  and  I bonded in a way I have never experienced since. We had a passion to build the best possible satellite system. Brion, in addition, was out to build not only the best, but also a perfect system. He would often re-code programs written by others, myself included, making them more accurate and aesthetically pleasing. When Kevin sent in code changes from our site in  Australia, Brion would examine Kevin’s code using a Baudot teletype, and make changes, a process we called De-Savageing. We initiated  a project,  Brion  named The Kinematic Tracking System (KTS).  He designed a LOGO for the project, see photo below.




Brion had a passion for sailboats. Many years after Aerojet, when I was on the East Coast, I would meet up with Brion and we would spend time on his Herreshoff solving world problems.


I met him in Boston, July 2003. We sailed North to Gloucester, where we watched a local 4th of July parade.  Next we sailed South to Nantucket. Brion, always fastidious, and not able to waste time, couldn’t help himself. He kept busy polishing stainless fitting on the boat as we gabbed away sailing along.


I complained to Brion about the complexity of the marine head on my boat. Brion said he had the solution and sent me his fix — see picture below: 
















Brion came to my retirement party in 1999. 












As was his custom, he picked out the most appropriate gift, for me “Old Men“.It is one of my most prized possessions.

Brion - Harris Party #2.jpg
Old Men - Harris Party.jpg
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