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I’m Larry Tsuchiya, the patriarch of the band of cousins. I’m reaching way

back to test the accuracy portion of my temporal lobe of the brain. I first met Brion 63 years ago when he became a member of the Shimamoto tribe.


My recollection of Brion was of someone very reserved and shy. As we became more familiar and comfortable with each other, our friendship flourished, and we became buddies. I remember having many conversations sitting in an orchard of orange trees next to his home discussing life seen through the lens of 2 eleven-year-old boys.


Brion could be very serious and the next moment joyful and goofy. He had a wonderful sense of humor once you got to know him. It was also under those orange trees that I taught Brion baseball. We would spend all day talking and

playing baseball in the vacant field next door. What wonderful memories to cherish.


You had to know Brion to fully appreciate what he brought to the table. One moment we would be discussing Willie Mays and the next Brion would be opening a Contact time release cold medicine capsule to count the supposed magic minute color coded granules. The commercial stated there were X number of granules to be released over time, however, Brion wasn’t buying into Madison Avenue’s carte blanche, so he took out his abacus and started counting. Calculators were not invented yet. I don’t remember the final tally, nor did I have the patience to care, but it was important to Brion. Those of us that really know him understand. Also, anyone that understood my reference to Contact time release cold capsules are welcome to the Senior living home.


All that my heart pines to express at this instant, is included in the one word, Love.


Thank you Brion for the wonderful days and unforgettable good times that bring a huge smile to my face.


Cousin Larry

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