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Brion knew his dad loved automobiles, when he came to visit his parents from Connecticut, he woke dad up at 5 am every Saturdays to take his dad to an auto show at Beach Boulevard and Constantine Drive in Huntington Beach to meet old timers, eat donuts, and drink cups of joe.  Brion knew that it was useless to include me as I needed my beauty sleep. People all over Southern California would display their prized cars at this site and talk about their old cars. Brion had something in common with these old geezers as he restored an old 1957 MGA.

Brion loved his parents, Bill & Katsuko, in silent unique ways as he was not much in verbalizing his thoughts in person to anyone except his mother, Katsuko. One of Brion’s trip to Whittier, California, to visit with his parents, he took dad and me to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles California. He knew his dad loved automobiles and the Petersen Museum was noted as one of the world’s largest automotive museums. Bill as not much of a conversationist, smiled throughout our visit at the museum much to the delight of Brion. However, there was one moment of high anxiety as Bill wandered off somewhere in the museum and he could not find him so Brion found me and the hunt was on! It took about 30 minutes rovering around the several floors of automobiles that we finally found dad. He was not at all worried about being lost but he had Brion looking frantically until we found dad! Brion had a “whew” grin on his face!


Mark Komoto, Brion’s brother-in-law

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