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Brion Valley #2.jpeg

The photos are from late 1999 and early 2000 when Brion was regularly visiting the Valley doing consulting. These were outings to restaurants in Cupertino and perhaps Los Gatos.  


Brion and I met almost 30 years ago in Columbia, SC at an NCR engineering and manufacturing plant.  NCR, had been acquired by AT&T and for some inexplicable reason Brion, from AT&T was assigned to my engineering team ( approx. 300 engineers doing software & hardware development and integration ).  Brion gained acceptance because of his quiet demeanor and extraordinary technical competence.  I personally relied on his analysis and insights and that interaction led to our friendship.


The news of Brion's passing created a feeling of loss and sadness but thinking about my friendship with Brion, over these intervening years, led to smiles, internal and external.  A friendship with Brion was simply put, enriching. Such a friendship is a very special gift, meant to be cherished and not forgotten.


With Kind Regards,


Mike Gerhold

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