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Brion was such a unique and genuinely kind man; I feel so grateful that I had the chance to spend a few days with him when I was young and going through profound changes in my life, and you had both had the kindness to help me out. He had quite an effect on me, as someone who is also introverted yet social, and who is also constantly asking where the manual is for things that happen in life.

His presence was so warm, insightful and penetrating at the same time. I remember well having dinner there in your kitchen and eating edamame soybeans for the first time while talking to him about computer operating systems. He told me how he could spend days alone just working at a computer when he was younger and be perfectly happy, and how complicated things became when he had to start managing people. I think that was right around the time when he would leave his job and start the Computer Guy business.

I appreciated as well his openness to my interest in Buddhism, as well as his healthy skepticism :)

Funny story: at some point I was painting around the garage. I can’t remember who said something, but I was concerned about paint dripping on the garage floor and the car (the Miata). Without rushing, with calm and measured care, Brion emerged and carefully covered the car with its cover. Later, when I learned how much he had worked on the car, and how the garage was his laboratory, I was astounded at his lack of urgency or (apparent) alarm. But maybe he was just good at managing his emotions.

Years later I passed by there with a group of monks, and one of the monks was a bit overly enthusiastic about meditation and mindfulness to Brion. I felt embarrassed, but Brion took it all quietly in stride.

Phap Luu

(aka Doug)

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