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I don't remember when I first met Brion. But I DO remember being at their wedding in 1989 down in New Haven, with them standing, I think, in front of a fireplace. They seemed very much in love!! 


Brion was very tolerant over the years, when I would show up at their house in Riverside for a "sleepover" when I started working in Westport. We usually shared Chinese food together and then Donna and I would catch up on our lives, over a bottle of wine, while Brion disappeared for some peace and quiet!! 


I remember the last time I saw him when he was at that house he talked about his boxing to help with the Parkinson's and not being able to drive there. I knew how much he loved cars but I didn't sense any sadness or "poor me" attitude at all. He

seemed very accepting of what was happening! He had such a quiet, calm way about him. 


I was so glad that he made a wonderful life with Donna and you girls! I wish I had heard more of his stories about his biking and sailing adventures! May he rest in peace!!


Susan Bachman

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