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Brion aka The Force
(his boxing name) 
Belmars #2.JPG

Brion was always early for class donned in all black. He was undoubtedly hard working and had a great sense of humor. In the beginning of each class I always ask a question that all boxers answer. 


“If you could be any animal, what would it be?” And Brion’s answer was a koala. This was so funny to me. It was so fitting! When a person chooses a great fit like that, it tells me that they have a great understanding of themselves. I couldn’t think of a more perfect fit. Most other questions usually had computers as a part of his response (also fitting). 


We had many conversations before class started each day and during one conversation  he recommended a book by Scott Carney - “What Doesn’t Kill Us”. It was a great book and I had hoped to tell Brion that I read it and implemented some techniques from it. 


In the end, energy never dies. It changes form. I am happy to have known Brion in his human form and glad to have the Force watching over us. Thank you for sharing him with us.


He was such a gentle soul and a fighter. 


Incredibly sad news, he was such a nice person. 


We remember Brion’s  beautiful smile and welcoming hello whenever Daphne entered the gym.

Alison and Daphne

Brion managed to touch us all with his warm smile and wit. May his memory be a blessing.


He was a great guy and a pleasure to have known.

Frank M.

Brion was a wonderful person, who inspired me greatly.  I will miss his competitive spirit and warm smile. 


Brion was a very nice man.


I was so impressed with Brian‘s quiet strength. He will be missed by all of us who had the pleasure of working side-by-side with him fighting a common enemy.


l was impressed with his positive attitude,  generosity and work ethic.
He was one of those few genuine “good guys”.


Brion was part of that Brain Trust known as IBM but he never spoke of his accomplishments. Before Nike, Brion just did it. 

Quick wit, too. As we compared reading lists before class one morning, it turned out we both read, “You Gotta Have Wa,’ about the Japanese approach to baseball. Example. Teams begin spring training in camps where there is ample snow on the ground and temperatures regularly fall into the 20’s. Good for the spirit.

One day after having been put through an especially tough workout by Coach Mafes, I mentioned the workout was grueling.  Brion just stopped me and said, “Be thankful you are not doing spring training  with the Tokio Giants.” That so exemplified Brion. Just do it. 


I am having a metal sign printed that reads "We do it for those who can't" Forever in our hearts and I will add a pair of angel wings for all of our fighters that we lost. 


The sign is going to serve as reminder each day of our loved ones that we lost and that we need to keep fighting. I really wanted to honor Brion and keep his memory going.


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